A big wedding in Split – or not!

Cathedrals and palaces in Split
A cathedral in the middle of a Roman Emporer’s retirement home in Split.

Our AirBnB hosts and hostesses have been a fantastic source of information on this trip. Our latest one, in Split, informed us that there was going to be a big wedding in Split today. After some more discussion, it became clear that the word “wedding” had got muddled up with the word “weather”. What she actually was trying to tell us was that there was going to be a bad storm.

old and "new fangled in Split.
The old and the “new fangled” mix in Split

This morning when, when we ventured out, it all looked fine. So it was time to start exploring. There are two sides of Split. First there is the Diocletian Palace. This was built By the roman Emperor Diocletian as a sort of retirement home, for his retirement in 305AD. Then there is the “new fangled” bit that they did not get around to building until the 7th century.

The alleyways of Split
Meandering through the Split alleyways.

Following our principle, “if you see people on your right, just turn left” , we started to meander around the town. It is a wonderful mixture roman remains, cathedrals, little alleyways and shops.

The storm clouds start to gather

Around midday the storm clouds started to gather and we decided that discretion was the best strategy. After a quick visit to the bakery for some lunch, we retired to our AirBnB.

Of course it is on the top floor (up even more steps) but is has an excellent view across the main square. Sure enough our AirBnB hostess was right. The rain, howling wind, outdoor furniture crashing about and squealing tourists trying to cope with it all are proof of that.

Hopefully later, it will all blow over and we can explore Split some more but for now we will enjoy the howling wind in the rather smug knowledge that we are safely in the warm and dry. A  big wedding in Split might have been fun but a storm is pretty impressive as well!

no big wedding in Split but pretty impressive.
No big wedding in Split but pretty impressive all the same.
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