A bus from Vela Luka to Korcula

Korcula Old town from the bus
Our first view of Korcula Old Town from the bus.

As we start to understand a little more about island life in Croatia, there is one rule that we think we know. If there is a ferry, there is a bus. The reverse rule seems to work as well. If there is no ferry, don’t bother looking for a bus. So, as we disembarked at at Vela Luka, we were pretty sure that there would be a bus across the island to Korcula.

“Are you English?” we asked the other couple who seemed to be looking  for the same bus. It turned out that, not only were they Australian but also Croatian. This is a sort of a travellers jackpot. They could speak the local language and could dig out information that was inaccessible to us. And yes there was a bus but it would not leave for nearly an hour.


There was only one thing to do. Find cafe and drink coffee. After a fun chat, we boarded the bus for an hour and a half journey from one end of the island to the other. It proved to be a real treat. The first village had such a narrow tree lined main street, that, in effect, it was a one way street. As we were in the bus, one way was our way. Sometimes size does matter!

There was a point when the bus driver, who was not having a good day, got out and left the bus without explanation. Even our Croatian speakers could not work out what was happening. But what ever it was, he seemed to sort it out and return.

The rest of the journey took us through tiny stone villages, huge rocky mountains, valleys covered in vineyards and steep dry stone walled terraces. Eventually we spotted Korcula bellow us and it was time to say goodbye to our new friends. They were trying to do Korcula as a day trip from Ubli. As we left them at the bus station, we were not entirely convinced that they were going to get back to Ubli tonight. If we see them in the morning wandering around Korcula Old Town, we will not be entirely surprised.

Sunset over Korcula.
The sun sets over Korcula Island
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