A few hours to explore Venice.

A few hours to explore Venice.
If you only have a few hours to explore Venice, let her decide what she wants to show you!

With just a few hours to explore Venice, we decided that we would let her show us her beauty, rather than having a detailed plan. We flew in this morning from Split and we are staying at a hotel near the airport, ready for our flight to Bristol in the morning. Our hotel manager had suggested that we took the bus onto the island as it was only 1.5 Euros. He said that it should take about 40 minutes to walk from the bus station to Piazza San Marco. But it was easy to get lost and it could take longer.

Getting lost sounded rather good to us. So off we set. There are no wrong turns in Venice. Left or right does not really matter. Both will bring you to hidden squares, mysterious alleyways and small bridges across little canals.

Venice canal
Left or right does not really matter in Venice.

A long time ago, I remember being told that when mountaineers die of exposure, they are often found with things that could have saved them, still in their ruck sack. After a couple of hours of turning down which ever street we liked the look of, we still had no idea how close Piazza San Marco were. We felt rather like those Mountaineers.  We had a perfectly good map tucked away but somehow it felt like it would spoil the experience if we actually took it out and looked at it.

Secret squares in Venice
Secret squares are just around the corner.

After 3 hours, we turned a corner and there was the famous square in all its glory.

Piazza San Marco
The splendour of Piazza San Marco

Tired limbs made for a bit more focus.

On the way back we were a bit more focussed. Our legs were beginning to feel a tad weary. We could not remember the name of the bus station but suddenly all that money that my parents spent on my education paid off. It occurred to me that Ferroviaria probably had something to do with iron and road or train station. Now we could just follow the signs as the train station and bus station are quite close together.

So if you only have a few hours to explore Venice, we can thoroughly recommend leaving your map in your pocket and letting Venice decide what she wants to show you.

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