A little taste of home!

A little taste of home
James enjoying his weekly supermarket shop!

2nd July 2018

There is much about Penang that reminds us of home. English is widely spoken, they drive on the left and English Tesco is the supermarket of choice on the island! There is also a small Marks and Spencer and a Harvey Norman! And yes, just to show how sad we are, we have visited them all, but Tesco is the one we keep returning to for the weekly grocery shop!

Sharing the shelves with the Tesco home brand items are some Aussie lines but mostly they are local Malaysian groceries. Some are labeled in English and others well, we just have to guess! Today we went mad on the wonderful cheap fancy mushrooms with a risotto in mind, but we came to a standstill in the massive rice aisle. Risotto rice doesn’t really feature in Asian cooking, so we have taken our best guess! But we do have Australian Chardonnay to wash down what ever we make, McGuigans was on special for 47.99RM ($16).

We love trying out new tastes and food on our travels, but sometimes we just yearn for a little taste of home!



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