A little walk becomes a trek in Milna

Milna Port
It all started with a stroll around Milna Port.

We arrived in Milna on the late ferry from Mljet. As we peered out into the dark, it was very reassuring to see our Airbnb hosts standing on the quayside waiting for us. They had already told us, on e-mail, that the accommodation was only about 50 metres from the ferry. So a quick walk around the corner was followed by the inevitable steps and a very tired flop into bed.

The following morning, we wake up to a beautiful view across the water and the steps from the night before are forgiven. It would seem that Friday morning is handover morning for all the yacht charters. A continuous stream of boats keeps us amused over breakfast. Then we notice that the “yacht petrol station” is across the water and the queue for fuel seems to go on for hours.

After breakfast it is time for an explore. Once we have had a quick look around town, we find a small path along the waters edge and we start to follow it. Things get a bit rougher and a bit rockier but we are too stubborn to turn back. We pass a couple sitting on the rocks and we try very hard to pretend that we have not noticed that the man has no clothes on.

Suzannah’s theory

On the other side of the headland the path is starting to disappear altogether but there are some jetties coming down from a couple of houses. Suzannah comes up with a theory that, if there are houses, there must be a road on the other side of them. So we cut through someone’s garden and sure enough there is a slightly bigger track on the other side. It even seems to be going in the right direction!

Olive groves near Milna
There were plenty of olive groves on our way back to Milna.

After winding our way through olive grove after olive grove we see the town in the distance.

And that is how a little walk turned into a two and a half hour trek. It is at times like this that Suzannah misses her pedometer. She’d love to know how many steps we have done. As we return to our apartment, the only ones that we actually counted are the 90 steps up to the front door.

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