A straight line is godless.

We loved Kunst Haus Wien
Kunst Haus Wien is so much more than an art gallery.

“A straight line is godless”

This quote from the Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser kind of sums up our day. Having seen the Lipizzaners do their morning exercises, we wanted it visit the Kunst Haus Wien that exhibits his work. Looking at the map, working our way across Vienna was definitely not going to be a straight line. A train ride, some help from a friendly local, lots of checking the map and a decent walk later we we approached the “Haus”.

The Haus

We started to see why this is not just an art gallery. The whole building and the art inside were created by the one artist. And true to his principles there is not a straight line anywhere. Not the floors. Not the walls. Not the ceilings. And definitely not the artworks! His work includes paintings, tapestries, architecture and even postage stamps. Perhaps one of the more unusual projects was a waste incineration plant. The building, the art and the philosophy all work together to show you one mans’ very different view of the world. It is a wonderfully refreshing reminder how important it is to not just accept the obvious and logical all the time. Of course the fact that he was a keen sailor endeared him to me as well.

the cafe at Kunst Haus Wien
The Cafe at Kunst Haus Wien.

Time for lunch

After visiting the “Haus’, we meandered a few streets away to see one of his buildings. Sitting on a small mound (nothing as boring as a normal bench here!) we ate some delicious treats from a local bakery and watched everyone enjoying this special place.

Then it was time navigate ourselves back through through the streets of Vienna. I can assure you, there were no godless straight lines in that process either.

We are now very happy to accept Friedensreich’s idea that “a straight line is godless” because we loved every minute of it.

Hundertwasserhaus just down the road.
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