A Very English Birthday

starting a very English birthday with cake
Chocolate cake for breakfast was the start of a very English birthday.

There are many ways to celebrate a birthday. This time last year we were on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge celebrating Suzannah’s birthday. This year she is having a very English birthday.

The first questions that needed to be answered this morning was;

“How old do you have to be before you can have birthday cake for breakfast?”

We are still not sure of the exact answer but the decision was made that, this year, Suzannah is old enough! So breakfast was an exceedingly chocolaty affair. We still had our usual muesli but today, that was not really the point of it. Chocolate cake was what it was all about.

Of course, we all know that the result is going to be a rather stodgy feeling but a bit like wine, we are highly skilled at overlooking these mild disadvantages!

The dogs were only too happy to help us settle our chocolate breakfast.

Time for a walk

It was time for a walk. Our housesit in Northampton is surrounded by beautiful English fields. The dogs were only too happy to help us settle our rather overindulgent breakfast.

English cheeses
English cheeses from the local market

We had been told that the local village of Olney has its market day on Thursday. So off we went in search of more English celebrational treats. We were not disappointed. In the middle of a very pretty village was the market. And in the middle of the market was a fabulous cheese stall! Chilli, sun-dried tomato, Stilton, pepercorn…… the list was so long that when we asked the stallholder to go through them all, the man standing beside us burst into laughter. “Are you ready for a test now?” he asked.

Presents on a very English birthday.
Time to play with her presents on her very English birthday – and it had to be on an Aga.

There is no point in having all those presents unless you have a chance to play with them. So now, Suzannah,  the make your own scented candle kit and the Aga are cooking up a storm. Judging by the noises, some bit are going better than others. The laughs are more happy than hysterical, so I am hopeful of a successful outcome.

Finally, we have a romantic table for two booked at the local thatched English country pub later to complete Suzannah’s very English birthday.

Happy Birthday Suzannah!

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