A walk of little churches and huge views in Split.

The little churches and huge views start with great views across Split Port
This walk of little churches and huge views starts right in Split Port.

Right next door to Split town is Park Suma Marjan. It covers the whole peninsular and we had been told to give it a try as the view of Split was very good. As it turned out, the views were more than good. They were huge and we had a spectacular 3 hour walk of little churches and huge views.

You can access the park directly from the port. This is however still Croatia and that means a long series of steps at the start. Please don’t give up at this point (you will be tempted). You will be rewarded for your efforts. As you reach the ridge, the views of Split and across the sea to the Croatian islands opens up in front of you.

You can choose from various paths. We used the free tourist map that seems to be quite widely available to guide us. It worked very well.

View across Split Port
The views just go on forever.

The views are the heros of the walk

We did not go right to the top. So, once we had done the initial steps, the walking was relatively flat. There are various little churches to see along the way. But your eyes will always be drawn back to the views across the sea. They are the heroes of this walk.

A little church
This little church will distract you from the huge views for a couple of minutes.

Once you reach the point, you have another choice. There are roads on either side of the peninsular or you can just turn around and enjoy it all again. We chose the seaward road and as we came back into town, we found a rather smart bar right on the quayside. It was time for some well deserved lunch and a rest for our weary limbs.

The people watching, the food, some efficient friendly service and the views across the port all combined to create a special last lunch in Split. It was a very good finish to our walk of little churches and huge views.

More huge views
The views are the heroes of this walk