Around The Next Corner Excitement

around the next corner excitement

Have you ever watched those ads promoting supplements?  They are always very happy to tell you about all sorts of amazing benefits they”may” have. They probably don’t……. but they “may”.

This morning I have decided that I “may” have a Syndrome. I am calling it “ATNCES” What does it stand for?

“Around The Next Corner Excitement Syndrome.”

I love to find out all the new exciting things that are just around the next corner.

Suzannah has a slightly different approach. She likes to have contingency plans in place to cope with werewolves, goblins and giants. Once she has made sure that we have insurance against them, she is happy to explore around the corner. But we both have this excitement.

Today we head over to a new housesit near Gympie. It is actually for a friend. She has moved to a new property since we last saw her. So there is a new house and six months of gossip to catch up on around this corner. And yes, we are excited.

All we have to do is drive the Beast over there and arrive with some sparkling wine. Actually, our friend has not specified fizzy wine but Suzannah has decided that after months of bubble free adventures, it really is time for some champers!

Today is also the first of the month. So it is only a couple of weeks before we start our Croatian odyssey. Can you imagine how many exciting corners there will be to explore around there!

Yup I think Suzannah and I may both have “ATNCES”.

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