Arriving in Venice

arriving in venice

Sometimes when we travel, we come across a better way of doing something. It is not always the obvious way. So it is fun to pass on what we have discovered. Arriving in Venice is one of these “finds”.

A couple of years ago we were coming to Venice from Milan and we arrived on the train. This time we arrived from Split at Marco Polo Airport. We had booked a hotel near the airport because we were flying out again early the next morning (it seemed like a good idea). Having fought our way through the bun fight of immigration, we wanted to go about 1 km down the road to our hotel and leave our bags.

No escape!

This is when we discovered that there is no reasonably priced way to escape from the airport. The minimum charge on the bus is 8 Euros. Any other bus in Venice will cost you 1.5o euros. Even the same bus, if you do not start at the airport, will cost you 1.5o Euros. After what Suzannah and I describe as a “full and frank discussion”, we hired a taxi because it was cheaper than the bus, (not to mention a divorce!).

It was not a good start to our day in Venice!

Contrast this to the last time we were arriving in Venice. We caught the train. We had a restful journey. We got off the train, walked out of the station and there in front of us was the Grand Canal. The train takes about two and a half hours from Milan. Fighting your way out of Marco Polo airport and catching a bus will take you a couple of hours. The train ticket will cost you less than escaping from the airport and arriving in Venice by taxi, boat or bus.

So if you are planning a trip to Venice, we really, really would recommend that you catch the train. It is so much better. Have a look at the GoEuro app. we found it excellent for organising buses and trains for this trip.


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