Australian Favourites

Australian Favourites
A Wallaby is keeping his eye on us!

A reoccurring theme runs unashamedly through my writing, a love of animals. Both domestic and wild. Wherever we are in the world, if there is an animal experience on offer we are in the front row. Okay maybe not where snakes are concerned, we are not even in the audience!

Whilst we are housesitting on Queensland’s stunning Gold Coast it seemed wasteful not to take the opportunity to revisit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. I first came here as a child, during its previous incarnation as Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, to feed the wild parrots. And yes, the local lorikeets still flock to the sanctuary to be fed twice daily by visitors. But these days there is much more to Currumbin than birds.

Australian FavouritesThe sanctuary now houses one of the largest collections of Australian Native species in the world. If you want your photo taken cuddling a koala this is the place for you. There are numerous animal shows throughout the day. Everything from sheep shearing to crocodile feeding and of course a free flight bird show.

For the adventurous there is the Tree Top challenge (zip line course) and a Segway safari. But for us it was just a wander through the bush landscape admiring old friends. Mind you neither of us had ever seen a Tree Kangaroo before so we were thrilled to see two. As we passed the Tasmanian Devil’s enclosure I said “we won’t see anything there” and damn me what should be darting around his enclosure? A rather fine looking devil, of course by the time I grabbed my camera all I got was a tail shot!

Australian favourites
A disappearing Tasmanian Devil!
Australian favourites
A new one for us a Tree Kangaroo

There are numerous refuelling spots throughout the Sanctuary, but being just a block from the ocean we decided on a walk. The Currumbin Surf Life Saving Club is right on the beach and you don’t have to be a member to enjoy their truly top location.

Lunch ordered, we snagged a table on the front verandah, the view wasn’t too hard to take. Within 10 minutes there was a gasp, a finger pointing passed us, heads spun, people stood. Out to sea a whale breached, then another, a giant flipper waved. This free performance lasted for well over an hour, and we had front row seats!¬†Just goes to show you can plan all you like but nature has the last laugh.

Australian Favourites
Our lunchtime view before the show started.
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