New Sunglasses

My new sunglasses

For months now, the lens of my prescription sunglasses has been falling out at random times in our travels. It has been a real pain but I have been too mean to spend hundreds of dollars on some new sunglasses. The short term answer was a pair of cheap ones from a beach vendor in Cambodia.

The next phase of our travels is in Europe and will involve much more car driving. So it was time to man up and spend the money. As we headed into Georgetown, I could almost feel my credit card shaking with fear as we approached the shopping centre. The shop owner then told me that it would take 2 weeks. Oh good, I thought. We will be gone by then. Prevarication is a wonderful thing!

Just as I was turning to leave the store, he decided that he could actually do them in less than a week because his cousin owned the lens workshop! No escape this time.  Four days later the call came to say they were ready and this morning we picked them up.

And the cost?……..Just $117. The credit card hardly bothered to wake up!

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