Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

I have a bit of a habit of doing things on my birthday. Spectacular things that is. And they don’t come more spectacular than climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Well not in my book they don’t! My faithfully buddy in crime, James, was invited of course. Can’t do something like this on my own, and I was later told he wouldn’t have let me anyhow! My Mother, the utter trouper that she is, insisted it was going to be her birthday present to me. We didn’t argue too hard, because the prices are not for the faint hearted.

Bridge Climb

Bridge Climb Sydney have a fantastic website that talks you through the whole process. There are several different climbs to choose from and videos of each to help you decide. The entire operation from the website to the climb itself is very slick, very professional. Whilst we waited for our 10.45am climb we watched a video on what was about to happen and then we were escorted through to the other side to be kitted out. This whole process is well explained and executed, your safety is their priority. And the blue and grey jumpsuits you must wear are so flattering, NOT!

Bridge climb

Lets get to the good stuff, the climb. You are very securely linked onto a safety line the entire climb, never at anytime did I feel scared. Being tall was interesting as there were a few low bits under the bridge to negotiate. Being physically fit is an absolute must or you would not enjoy the experience.  The guide points out things of interest and talks you through the history of the bridge via a little headset we all wore.  It was not a continual commentary, the sort that drives me mad. She would check everyone was alright periodically and when she found it was my birthday she got the group to sing me Happy Birthday on top of the bridge! she later apologised if it embarrassed me, as if!

I am going to let my many pictures do the talking regarding the views. I will just say I smiled the entire climb.

Tips for Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can’t take cameras, phones or GoPros. A group photo is included in the ticket price, the others you have to buy (sneaky!).

You can’t wear anything on your wrists, so watches, bangles etc must be left in the locker.

You can wear your glasses/sunglasses, they will  be attached to your jumpsuit via a cord. Likewise they will supply you with a handkerchief, cap, waterproof and headset all of which can be securely fastened onto your suit. You get to keep your cap as a souvenir of the day!

Don’t worry about trying to take water, there are several water fountains along the way for a drink.

There are secure lockers for handbags and wallets. You have to go through a metal detector, so keys etc must all be left in the lockers.

The average climbs takes about 3 hours and burns about 600 calories, so this is not the day to skip breakfast!

They provide sunscreen, so do avail yourself of it because it gets hot up there. You won’t notice at the time because of the wind.

Bridge climb

Bridge climb

Bridge climb

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