Cooloola Berries for the best strawberries!

Cooloola Berries
Me, hard at work at Cooloola Berries picking a feast of strawberries!

I love a success story. A story of a family business made good, that is still run by those who started it. We came to Cooloola Berries when they first opened and picked their delicious strawberries and enjoyed their cream teas. And today we came back, and though the cafe is bigger and better, the strawbs are just as good.

A few short months ago we went strawberry picking in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. At the time we thought their berries were pretty good, but I was delighted today when James said they weren’t a patch on Cooloola Berries. Delighted, because I have a bit of a habit of saying, “In Australia, this or that is better/bigger”. But in my defence it is usually TRUE. And it is most definitely true here. Also in the Cameron Highlands the berry farms have a big sign saying “No free eating”. Cooloola Berries (thank goodness) have no such sign, thus I rest my case.

So if you are ever on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland between June and November and like strawberries, Cooloola Berries, just outside Gympie is the place to go. And if you like blueberries, those can be picked in December and January.

No prizes for guessing what is on menu for pudding tonight chez Arkle!

Cooloola Berries


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