Croatia is all about steps.

Steps in Croatia
Croatia is all about steps.

As we travel around the world, there are often technologies that are completely missing in particular countries. In Asia, for instance, copper wire telephone infrastructure was never really there. So they went straight to mobile phones. In Croatia, the technology that is missing is lifts. That magical ability to get in a little cage and go from the ground floor to the top floor has passed Croatia by. The preferred technology here is steps.

There are stone steps, wooden steps, concrete steps, metal steps. There are indoor steps and outdoor steps. There are steps into the sea and steps all around the boats. Yes Croatia is a country of steps.

Now it may be our fault, because we have chosen to stay in places that we thought looked “pretty” but since we left Austria, the lowest floor that we have stayed on is the second floor. So two suitcase have to be dragged up and there are no prizes for guessing whose job that is!

Dubrovnik sets the record – so far

Today we reached Dubrovnik and way back in Penang, it was agreed that we should stay in the Old Town. Now the Old Town is a pedestrian only zone. So just as a light warm up you have to drag your bags from one side of the town to the other. Then we reached our AirBnB. There was somewhat of a record in store for us. To enjoy that special view across the Old Town, we had to be on the top floor. And to reach our apartment there were six flights of stairs to negotiate!

So if you are ever in doubt about forking out for a gym membership, I have a great alternative. Just book yourself a holiday in Croatia and you will never have to pay a gym membership ever again.

We are always on the lookout for money saving tips to pass on. So there you are. The steps in Croatia can save you hundreds of dollars a year!

night views across Dubrovnik
Once you climb six flights of stairs, the views across Dubrovnik at night are a bit special.
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