A double high tide and Porchester Castle

a double high tide and porchester castle
A double high tide meant a slight detour on the way to Porchester Castle.

Around Portsmouth and Southampton there is a phenomena that I have never seen before. There is a double high tide. The tide comes in, goes out a little bit and then comes in again before going out properly. Apparently, it is all to do with this area being half way along the English Channel. All the water sloshes back and forward along the Channel with the tides but it all gets a bit confused in the middle and creates two high tides.

As we set out for our walk to Porchester Castle, the tide happened to be a particularly high. These tides are called Spring tides in England and King tides in Australia. Yup, I am really getting to grips with being a dual citizen! The problem was that there was no beach left to get on to the coastal path and with the double high tide, that was not going to change quickly. So a detour through a housing estate was required.

After about half an hour along the coastal path, there was Porchester Castle. Various versions of the castle have been guarding this coast since the Romans were here in the 3rd century. So it was an ideal point to walk to and have a stroll around. Inside the walls there is St Mary’s church which is also worth a look.

We resisted the temptation of a pub lunch at The Cormorant and headed back to our “live-aboard” base. By this stage, the double high tide had been and gone. So it was a lot easier to walk along the beach to our lunch on board the barge.


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