Exploring rural Northamptonshire

Off for a walk with Brin and Tilly

After a few wonderful days being outrageous spoilt by our great mates in Stratford-upon-Avon, we have started a new housesit.  Our three week sit is in a tiny, village deep in Northamptonshire (abbrev.Northants). Where is Northants? Even some of our English friends look thoughtful and have to ponder that one! It is a landlocked county bordered by eight other counties: Warwickshire (west), Leicestershire and Rutland (north), Cambridgeshire (east), Bedfordshire (south-east), Buckinghamshire (south), Oxfordshire (south-west) and Lincolnshire (north-east). And for my Australian friends that are still none the wiser, it is in the middle above London.

James and I, between us, have lived in eight of the 48 counties in England and visited most. But Northants has always been somewhere we drove through on the way to somewhere else. I felt a bit ashamed admitting that to the homeowners but they viewed it as a challenge to make us fall in love with Northants.

So far we haven’t had much of a chance to explore as the weather has been pretty foul. After months of sunshine the rains and winds of autumn are with us. Mind you that didn’t stop us taking our two little four-pawed charges for a long walk this morning. I might add, much to the initial displeasure of the Greyhound/Lurcher, Brin. Tilly, our little Jack Russell/Poodle cross though was out the door before my boots were on! I am happy to add that Brin’s attitude soon changed once we hit the fields.

Our homeowners have left us a lengthy list of places we might want to visit. And even, to my great delight, snagged us an invite to a local Guy Fawkes party. Yup, they are a very friendly bunch here in Northants. Today though we are enjoying the bright farmhouse kitchen, warming our toes by the Aga and planning our Northants adventures. And our two little pooches are snoozing, looking forward to this afternoon’s walk and disturbing some pheasants!

A very handsome male pheasant that took exception to us disturbing him!