The frost has arrived

frost in the garden
Frost in the garden at Easton Maudit

Suzannah has been saying all year how much she is looking forward to a cold winter. The idea of a cold, English  Christmas is how we both feel Christmas should be. This week we got one step closer. The frost has arrived. We have been waking up to sparkly white grass and putting extra layers of clothing on to venture outside. All those autumn activities like shuffling through the multi-coloured leaves and cracking the ice on puddles are part of our walks.

cracking ice after a frosty night
Ah, the simple joy of cracking the ice.

And of course all those long forgotten winter clothes have finally been dragged from the depths of our suitcases. Her Ladyship is thoroughly enjoying wearing a different scarf or pashmina artistically knotted around her neck each day. Even I have relented and donned a pair of the homeowners ski gloves, but resisted Suzannah’s enthusiastic suggestions of hats and scarves! Anything to keep the frost out and the heat in.

The Pedometer

Suzannah has bought herself a pedometer. Every step is being measured! Keeping us above the magic 10,000 steps a day requires lots of long cross country walks to make the best of the crisp, sunny days. Our two temporary pooches are absolutely loving all the exercise. And I feel slightly sorry for the owners when they get home because Brin and Tilly are going to expect two long walks morning and night, regardless of the weather!

Of course the down side of the cold weather is the eating that accompanies it. A long cross country walk deserves a pub lunch, a chilly afternoon walk suggests a cuppa and mince pie by the Aga on our return. You see the problem? And might I just add that each Christmas Suz and I take it upon ourselves to find the BEST mince pie. Over in Oz, in our country town this isn’t too hard, there isn’t that much choice, but in England….all I can say is that pedometer is going to be working very hard indeed!