Going Western in Penang

Chomping at the bit for my western food fix!

6th July 2018

Every so often I get a craving for western food. And every time we have driven past the Hard Rock Cafe in Batu Ferringhi, I have said to James I want to go there. And James, being a clever chap, knows that when I mention something more than three times I am serious about it. So last night we went.

Did Penang’s Hard Rock Cafe live up to expectations? sadly no. The burgers were pretty average unlike the prices which stunned the pair of us. We are so used to being able to have a fab local Asian meal here by the beach for under AUS$15 including beers, looking at a menu where one normal burger is AUS$20 floored us.

Hmmm, the less than exciting burger topped with turkey bacon (as standard)

This is a common theme around Asia, whilst local food is excellent and dirt cheap, going western more than quadruples the price. And usually it is pretty poor. I have eaten a truly appalling Club sandwich in Thailand, a pizza that made me want to cry in Georgetown and a fish and chips in the Cameron Highlands that I was sure I was going to regret.

So tonight, we are back to our beach side cafe to watch the sunset and eat local!

sunset at Batu Ferringhi


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