Housesitting in Penang

Housesitting in Penang
The view from our housesit.

Penang has always sounded so exotic to me. I have no idea why, it just has. So when a housesitting position came up in the capital, George Town we leapt at it. Notwithstanding a Skype interview at the local pub, when the home wifi died, we impressed the homeowners and secured the sit. Let me tell you the pair of us “whooped” as though we had won the lottery when we heard the news!

Housesitting in Penang
Persia leads a very tough life.

Now here we are with Persia, an adorable little Burmese installed in a swanky apartment on the 24th Floor. Actually I should correct that, floor 23A because 4 is an unlucky number in Chinese  because 四 sounds similar to 死  which means “death”. So on the lift we have 1, 2, 3, 3A, 5 etc and we also have 13 (and 13A) because 13 isn’t unlucky in Asia. A little bit of trivia for you.

Housesitting in Penang
The beautiful Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower in George Town.

Penang has lived up to expectations and then some. It reminds me of my favourite Asian city Singapore, with its colonial architecture and wide tree lined streets. No doubt because Penang, like Singapore, was a former British colony. It is like a country town version of Singapore, much smaller with friendly locals, always keen to chat. In English! Did I mention that English is widely spoken? On day one we met a local lady at a bus stop and once onboard she became our tour guide. She even told me how Penang is the sister city of Adelaide. As an Aussie, I felt a bit ashamed not knowing that!

Housesitting in Penang
Just a normal corner in George Town’s old town.

Penang is very proud of its heritage and the city’s historical core was inscribed as a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. So the glorious buildings of the old town are safe for us to enjoy into the future. And enjoy them we intend to during our stay and when it all gets too exhausting we head home to Persia for a cuddle. 

Housesitting in Penang
The old town of George Town, note the whimsical planted pair of jeans trying to climb into a window?

Tips for Housesitting in Penang

We are members of Trusted House Sitters, a UK based international housesitting website. And this is where we found this sit and most of our Australian sits. There is a membership fee and if you are interested in joining I can offer you a discount if you leave me your email address in “Comments”.

Australian and EU passport holders do not need a Visa for Malaysia for stays of 90 days or less.

Housesitting in Penang
This wonderful old semi-ruin of a grand house is just down the road from us and I love it!
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