How Suzannah became an “It Girl”

Suzannah becomes an “it Girl”!

Little did we know, when we arrived in Brisbane in the pre-dawn light, that the story would end with Suzannah becoming an “It Girl”.

It didn’t start well. The airline had ripped the handle off her suitcase and we duly reported it to the enquiries desk. After some discussion, the offer of a new suitcase came down to a huge selection. They were obviously big fans of the original Ford offer, that told their customers they could have any colour as long as it was black. All these years later things have really moved on. The new offer was;

“This is the suitcase and you can have any colour as long as it is black or blue.”

So blue it is.

There then followed a whole lot of stuff about actually delivering it to the correct address, that finished this morning with us picking up a large cardboard box from the Post Office sorting office. To be honest, I had very low expectations of this ending well. There had been lots of comments from Suz along the lines of;

“Well if I don’t like it, I can always sell it and buy one that I like.”

When we got home, we all stood round as the box was cut open and ever so gradually the suitcase was revealed. And there, right in the middle, were the two beautiful big black letters.


Now she knows that whenever we go through an airport Suzannah will be the “It girl”. And that my friends, is why she has had a smile on her face all afternoon. She is very happy with her new suitcase. Apparently she has always had this secret desire to be an “It Girl”. And I am still finding out new things about my wife after nearly twenty years of marriage!

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