A quiet day in Kotor, Montenegro

The wonderful old town of Kotor.

After all our gadding about in recent days we thought a quiet day was called for today. I explored the intricacies of  the Montenegrin washing machine and James stitched a new patch on his famous hat. Then we set out to walk into Kotor, we thought it easier than driving and parking the car. Only 2kms in around the bay.

We had been told in Mostar by our Bosnian walking tour guide that Kotor is the town of the cat. If I had forgotten this piece of information I was swiftly reminded of it when we sat down for lunch. A selection of cats and kittens were winding their way around the tables. Bestowing their attention on whom ever had the nicest plate of food. Sadly for one Asian gentleman, that was him. He was trying to nicely nudge them away but they were having none of it, they were jumping up on him and he was bravely trying to defend his lunch. In the end his wife got up and removed a large tabby from his lap. Luckily for us my fish soup and James bowl of Moules Mariniere did nothing for the cats at all and they gave us a wide berth. Maybe we faintly smell of dog?

Why is Kotor famous for cats?

One of the many Cats of Kotor keeping watch over the diners in our restaurant.

The best explanation we heard was from the owner of the Cats of Kotor Gift shop. “Historically the cats appeared here when the sailors were coming back home and they had the cats on their ships. Because Kotor is a town between sea and mountains, there were also lots of mice and rats and snakes here.  And it was necessary to have the cats in the town to protect it. So cats have become a symbol of good luck for Montenegro’.

After lunch we wandered around the old streets. If dodging tour groups ever becomes a recognised sport, James and I are in with a fighting chance of a gold medal for Australia. James claimed his hat patch and I my fridge magnet and then we started on our 2km wander home around the bay. A quiet, easy day for us.

A beautiful walk back around the bay for us. The very long terracotta roof just left of centre is ours.

Tomorrow it’s back to Dubrovnik for us, drop off the hire car and catch a ferry to Mljet.



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