Lake Bled beautiful even in the rain!

Lake Bled
A brief wonderful let up of the rain after lunch allowed us a decent photo of Bled Castle.

I think the definition of a beautiful place, is that even in the pouring rain it is still beautiful. And this is certainly true of Slovenia’s Lake Bled. We came here today by bus from Ljubljana in driving rain. I kept saying to James, “You know I think it is brightening up”. He would just smile at me and nod. Of course I was utterly off the mark, it did noting of the sort!

Lake Bled
So near and yet s far, the island we failed to reach…

And so we walk around the lake in waterproofs with a dodgy umbrella, who had its sights set on taking out James’ eye. It failed you’ll be pleased to hear. We’d planned to row out to the little island, climb the stairs to the church and ring the bell, but the rain damped our enthusiasm for that. We did however climb the hill to Bled Castle which offered spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Lake Bled
Walking up to the Castle, the back route avoiding the crowds!

Lake Bled

The castle is one of those places I would describe as “Distance lends enchantment to the view”. Up close it isn’t that exciting but the views it affords are certainly worth the climb.

Lake Bled
The views from the castle were stunning even in the rain.

Lake Bled

After lunch we are offered a rare, fleeting glimpse of a sunny Lake Bled. The waters sparkles, the ducks appear, the castle perched on its hill awes us and the flowers are brighter for their watering . We have been lucky enough to see Lake Bled in her misty cloak and now we get to see her in her summer frock. And we have loved her in both.

Tips for visiting Lake Bled

We stayed in Ljubljana and caught a bus to the Lake. It’s about 1.5 hours away. Buses go from the main bus station, which is right next to the train station, an easy walk from the centre of town. A return ticket cost just over 12 Euros (AUS$19). We bought ours in advance incase of queues (there weren’t any thanks to the rain!) but you could easily buy it on the day. They go very regularly about every half an hour. It is cheaper to buy a return ticket. The bus drops you a few minutes walk from the lake.

If you wanted to stay at the lake there is lots of accommodation there. And places to eat.

Lake Bled is famous for its Cream Cake, which is a bottom layer of custard, a top layer of cream, with a top and bottom of puff pastry sprinkled with icing sugar. Utterly delicious and absolutely impossible to eat elegantly. Of course I had to try and eat one in front of a laughing James!

And did I mention that everyone speaks English to you? So there is no trouble communicating at all.


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