Learning the art of Pomalo in Komiza

Definitely not too hard to do little but admire the scenery here!

I am one of life’s doers. I’m a bound out of bed and go sort of person. But here on the island of Vis in Croatia, I am trying something new. It is called Pomalo, when you say it, do it slowly with a long “o”. I was taught this word yesterday by our AirBnB hostess, Zrinka and today I am giving it a try. What is pomalo? Zrinka referred to it as slowly, it is relaxed, it sums up the Dalmatian’s relaxed no problem attitude.  It can also be used as a greeting, a pretty multi-use sort of word if you ask me!

A leisurely coffee and pastry in front of our apartment. Ours is the top floor with the two open shutters.

So today rather than dash out at day break, we have practised pomalo. We slept late (well for us). And then enjoyed a leisurely meander around the streets of Komiza.  Taking far longer than necessary over a coffee is easy in Komiza. Here, you amble into the bakery select your fresh pastry, pay and then wander out and select a table at the cafe and order coffee. As they don’t serve food, the cafe is more than happy with this arrangement.  Then you sit and admire the passing parade. The people watching is particularly rich and varied here. James and I could do it all day, and we have totally mastered the art of subtly pointing out “sights” to the other. Too many hours to kill at airports has much to answer for.

Still taking it easy in Komiza

More slow wandering the other way checking out the clear waters of the port. Then a delicious window shop just because we could. James did suggest an uphill track but thought better of it when I snarled “pomalo” at him. I’m not sure you are supposed to snarl “pomalo” but I am still learning and that is my excuse!

I wondered why James wanted this photo, then I spotted the boat above the doorway!

The verdict?

So how am I going with my day of pomalo? Well I have Instagramed some photos, dropped in some laundry, written a long email to my mother and now this blog….so not a natural at sitting and doing very little.

I am always accusing James of being a Dog Lover in training, so I think I am a Pomalo Person in training.

With a bit of practice, I think I could start to rather enjoy Pomalo.

Yes, Komiza really is this lovely!


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