Becoming “Live-aboards” for a few days.

Our live-aboards home
Our “live-aboard” home for a few days

This morning we officially became “Live-aboards”. This is our first morning waking up to the wonders of living on a barge on Portsmouth Harbour. The seabirds are feeding on the rising tide. A family of local swans are gliding by and the morning sun is lighting up the yachts. In the distance, is Portsmouth and the Royal Navy docks.

seabirds feeding on the rising tide.
Seabirds feeding on the rising tide.

This is how my sister and her 2 labradors wake up every morning and together with her neighbours and their barges, they call themselves the “Live-aboards”. It is a lovely supportive little community. They all help each other through the inevitable little problems that happen on boats and go off sailing and swimming together to explore this beautiful part of the world.

Her new life started at the end of last year when she found her barge in Holland and had a large chunk cut out of the middle to shorten it. Once it arrived here in Portsmouth, she started on the inside. She now has her 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home all set up. The sitting room is huge and the views from the kitchen/dinning room on the top deck are just spectacular. With the tides coming in and out, her world is continuously changing.

Yes, it is a wonderful start to our few days being a “Live-aboard” We can hardly wait to see more of how it all works and of course to enjoy some time with my sister.

Yachts in the morning sun
A “live-aboard’ view of yachts in the morning sun.
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