Living a bohemian artist’s garret fantasy

could be a impressionist oil painting
If only I had the skills to convert it into an impressionist oil painting

This morning we are waking up in Graz. We are staying in a little attic apartment at the top of a beautiful old building.

To enter the building, first you have to open one of the huge coaching house doors. This leads you into a courtyard with wooden cobblestones that have been worn smooth with use over the years. A door on the right guides you to the start of your assent. There are four flights of ancient stone stairs, crumbling walls and dark, mysterious looking doors before you reach your own front door. There is nothing as new fangled as a lift here!

In our attic this morning, all the windows are wide open, the soft morning light, the fresh air and the sound of church bells are flooding in.  It would be amazing to have the skill to convert the roof top views into impressionist oil pantings.

living a bohemian artist's garret fantasy
We just had to give into the whole Bohemian artist’s garret fantasy.

Yes, we are living a bohemian artist’s garret fantasy.  So the only answer for breakfast was to wander down to the bakery on the corner and buy some apricot filled croissants  (buy 2 get 1 free) and a couple of coffees and give in to the whole experience.

Later on we can stroll out and explore this ancient town and see what we can find, but for now it is time to relax and indulge in our little bit of bohemian fantasy.

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