Loosing ourselves in Zagreb

loosing ourselves in Zagreb
Loosing ourselves in Zagreb.

Today’s project was loosing ourselves in Zagreb. In fact we had lots of brochures and maps that our Airbnb hostess had left us but try as we may, all the Croatian street names would not stick in our little Aussie brains. Words like Tkalciceva, Miklousiceva and Trg Bana Josipa Jelacica were not really helping. We did manage to work out three things. There is a High Town, there is a Low Town and we needed to be at the Lotrscak Tower at 12 noon.

A turret at the treasury
Part of the Treasury.

So armed with this huge level of knowledge, we set off. We found beautiful churches and a cathedral, historic lanes and back streets, and rather large number of steps up to the High Town. Later we discovered that there is a Funicular Railway that can take you up to the High Town. Its claim to fame is that it is the shortest one in Europe at just 66 metres long.

a painting at the Croatian museum of naive art
We loved the Croatian Museum of Naive Art.

The Croatian Museum of Naive Art

There is a wide range of museums in Zagreb. We decided to pass on the Museum of Broken Relationships. It just did not sound like an uplifting experience. Instead we visited the Croatian Museum of Naive Art. This is not the biggest art gallery but we loved it. It was full of colourful, vibrant and intriguing paintings.

A statue of Marija Juric Zagorka
This formidable lady is called Marija Juric Zagorka. She was Croatia’s first female journalist and champion of equal rights. It was an honour to meet her.

The Lotrscak Tower

At about 11.45 we picked our spot near the Lotrscak Tower to watch the cannon being fired.  A few minutes later a tour group decided that our spot was the best one. Now normally this can be a bit annoying but the guide was rather good so we listened in. This is what we learned. The cannon is fired every day to celebrate a victory over the Turkish Army. The only day it was not fired was when the Turkish Head of State, Recep Erdoğan, was visiting and they decided that it might be a bit rude.

She also reckoned that the cannon firer had the best job in Zagreb. Turn up at 11.30. Climb up the tower. Push the cannon out the window. Fire it. Open the other window and give a little wave and go home. Total daily work time 35 minutes tops!

the cannon fires at the lotrscak tower
12 noon at the Lotrscak Tower.

As it turns out, getting lost and exploring little back alleyways is a remarkably good way to see Zagreb. If you miss some places, you will find other places that will more than make up for it. Yes we would highly recomend  “Loosing ourselves in Zagreb”.

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