Majestic Montenegro

The view out of our window in Muo this morning.

Montenegro is a spectacular place, no two ways about it. We woke this morning to see even a huge cruise boat dwarfed by the mountains. Today was suppose to be quieter than yesterday, but hey we wanted to get out and explore more of Montenegro. We had a couple of recommendation to check out didn’t we?

Stari Bar

Some of the beautifully restored buildings of Stari Bar

As the weather was not the best we decide to drive inland and down to the coast to visit Stari Bar first. A magical ancient town which was badly damaged during an earthquake in 1979. (Actually it was quite refreshing to see something that wasn’t damaged by the Croatian war). It is slowly being faithfully restored and is just a joy to wander around.


Of course our journeys are never straight forward. We took a wrong turning and our darling navigation system, instead of telling us to turn around immediately lead us on a merry scenic ride…. But I must say James and I were so delighted to get off the coast road we didn’t complain and we got to Stari Bar for lunch!

Taken from the car window, us lost in Montenegro!

Mausoleum of Montenegro’s greatest hero, Petar II Petrović Njegoš


After Stari Bar we decided to come back to Muo (our home base near Kotor),via the national park. Or more precisely via the magnificent mausoleum for Petar II Petrović Njegoš. But of course our navigator lead us on another merry ride, along tiny country lanes. And I mean tiny. But we made it there in one piece. And we scaled the 461 stairs, but sadly the view of the lake was obscured by a thunder storm.  I have never actually been above a thunder storm before, not counting being in a plane, and it was quite surreal. We could hear it, see the cloud but there was no rain on us.

Thunder storm over Kotor!

Just a simple drive back to Muo. Or it should have been, But no, what was suppose to be a major road was under construction for a large portion of the journey. It started well and then deteriorated rapidly. I do not lie, it was like driving through a quarry. And then we drove into the fog. I was ready to get out and lead, it was hard to see beyond the bumper of our car. We passed a few other cars and you could tell the locals, they didn’t look at all phased. Pass a non local and you could see the whites of their knuckles and the silent screams of their passengers. Then it was a windy road back to town.

Without going into the details we called in to buy a bottle of the excellent local red on the way home, half a bottle from last night was not going to suffice!

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