Meeting a Colourful Character

red the colourful character
Red is certainly a colourful character.

It seems that there is a tradition amongst the Penang expats that, when you leave, you give away a whole lot of stuff that you do not want to take with you.

And that is how we met this colourful character. He is of indeterminate age and rather ill defined ownership. Like many of us he has picked up some interesting traits along the way. He is so colourful that I think we will just call him Red.

His owners, who we are housesitting for, said “Do use the car if you want to.” Then when we arrived, we were taken out for a drive to see when he might loose power or any of his other little tricks.

Their parting words were ” Oh and if the car dies while we are away, just leave it and we will get someone to tow it away later”.

You can imagine our level of confidence this morning when we decided that it was time to face up to our first drive on Malaysian roads and our first trip with Red.

Now Red is not a morning person, so we drove him around the complex a couple of times while he had a little cough and a splutter and a moan about things. In the end he realised that we were serious about our trip to Tesco and he settled down.

We are delighted to report that we are now safely home with all our shopping and that maybe, just maybe, we are friends with this colourful character “Red”.

We have another 4 weeks to get to know him so only time will tell.

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