There is nothing like meeting face to face

a face to face discussion with Steve from A3rev
Steve and Suzannah deep in their face to face discussion.

Even with all the new technologies that we have today, there is nothing like actually getting together and chatting through ideas face to face. So one of the really important things that we wanted to do while we are in Gympie was to get together with Steve from A3rev. He is our expert on all the clever techie bits that make the blog work so well. This morning at Emillias Cafe, we had an hour or so of new ideas, from mapping, hosting and courses that we could do to to learn more, to little details and clever tips that will make everything work just a little better. But perhaps the best bit was how we came away buzzing with enthusiasm. We can hardly wait to put it all into practice.

Over the next couple of months, we are going to see some fabulous places and have a lot of great stories to share. It is very reassuring to know that Steve will have all the other techie bits up to date and working smoothly so that we can focus on the fun stuff.

Thanks Steve for an inspiring cup of coffee!

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