Molunat – a perfect lunch spot

Molunat is a perfect lunch spot.
Molunat makes a perfect lunch spot on the way to Dubrovnik.

As we left Kotor, Suzannah and I both had the same idea. We were on our way to Dubrovnik to return our hire car and we wanted to find a perfect lunch spot. A little sandy bay with a small restaurant, some sea food and a great view. It felt so unlikely that we had not even admitted it to each other. Croatia does not really do beaches and we had not seen anything remotely like it in our travels. Still, we held on to our little dream.

As we drove along the coast, we passed lots of small towns that just did not answer the brief. Then we saw a sign. It seemed to offer what we were looking for and it was only 7 kms off the main highway. That is how we found Molunat. As we sat down to lunch, we both admitted that it was exactly what we had been thinking about but honestly did not expect to find.

Next we indulged in a round of our new game. It is called “make the waiter smile”. Over the previous few weeks we have failed miserably at this game. The only shining exception to the non-smiling waiter rule was Mostar, where everyone smiles. We had two hours to while away. So we started to bombard this poor chap with Aussie charm. Not even a nervous twitch as he kept his straight face in place.

After a delicious meal, we paid our bill and as we were leaving, we turned with one final wave and a smile. And there it was! We got a smile. Of course, he may have been so over joyed to see the back of two smily Australians, that he could not help himself.

If you are looking for an antidote to the crowds in Dubrovnik, have a look at Molunat. It is about 40 mins drive. It is a perfect lunch spot or even a quiet overnight stay if you have time. And if you try hard, you might even get a smile from the waiter.

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