Op-Shop Strategy

Op shop
Proudly showing off my Op Shop find!

We read about “The Op Strategy” on one of our Nomadic Lifestyle blogs and were keen to give it a go. What is the Op Shop Strategy? Let me explain. When you are travelling through different seasons it is hard to pack for every eventuality. Especially, whilst keeping your suitcase under the magic 20 kilos. So for us to carry heavy winter clothes from Australia, through 40 sunny days in Croatia made no sense. A few light weight cashmere sweaters yes, but not heavy coats. So instead of tripping into a ritzy boutique and breaking the bank buying delicious winter clothes, you head for a charity/opportunity shop where the clothes are cheap. And then when it is time to head back to sunny climates you laundry/dry clean the clothes again and hand them back. Voila, the Op shop strategy.

Of course there are Op shops and there are Op shops. When we lived over here before we had a specular Op shop just down the road from us and designer goodies were always catching my eye in the window. So I decided I would cast my eye over Op shops in upmarket villages. And today we struck pay dirt in beautiful Topsham in Devon.

After we had paid an arm and a leg to park in the Pay and Display carpark we went in search of lunch. But my eye alighted on a rail of coats outside an Op Shop. And one coat in particular. I was across that road very swiftly. And had that coat off the hanger and on my back before Himself had even ambled across the road. James thought it was a bit large, but as my new best friend behind the counter assured me I could wear it over thick sweaters. And how much did this wonderful cashmere and wool, fake fur collared coat cost me? 10 pounds, less than AUS$20. Now I can hardly wait for the English winter!