Our drive to Mostar, Bosnia

Climbing the mountain on the way to Mostar.
As we climb the mountain on our drive to Mostar, the views are fabulous.

Our drive to Mostar did not start very well. The man from the car hire company arrived late to say that there was a problem. The boot would not lock properly. While he and I were doing boy stuff and trying to work out how to tie it closed, Suzannah was making friends with the good looking young guy who was on reception.

“How are you going to Mostar?” he asked.  It turns out that he was from Mostar. Suzannah points rather feebly at the mobile phone.

“Oh no, you want to go along the coast.” he said. Suzannah hands over the phone. There is a certain way that anyone under thirty picks up a mobile phone. It does not mater which nationality. Sure enough, the fact that we had originally bought the phone in Malaysia and he was from Bosnia was irrelevant. He was shooting through screens and fiddling with stuff until he handed it back and said “Go this way.”

Once the car hire chap and I had finished tying up the car, we were off.

Our first attempt to get out of Dubrovnik was a failure. We went around in a circle and ended up where we started. Undeterred, we set off again and we enjoyed a beautiful drive along the coast.

“Turn right” said the satnav.

We are now on a single track road climbing the mountain. As the altitude increased, so did the doubts. But the views were amazing, so we carried on. The coastal views turned into huge mountains and broad valleys.

Bosnia's majestic scenery
In the middle of this majestic scenery, we feel very small.

Three small things

There were only three small things, the one lane road, the single booth boarder crossing into Bosnia and us. And we felt very small in the midst of all the majestic scenery.

After a while the satnav promised that if we did what we were told we would, we would come to the M6. And sure enough, we came to a two lane road where we could pass other cars without the need to edge off the road into the shrubbery – luxury!

After just a few hours, we have come to the conclusion that we love Bosnia. The drive to Mostar was amazing and the view from where we had dinner……. Well look at the photo. you will know what I mean.

Dinner in Mostar
Our view from Dinner in Mostar
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