Our Journey from Ljubljana to Zagreb

Stunning views on our journey from Ljubljana to Zagreb.
The views from our bus on our journey from Ljubljana to Zagreb were stunning.

Everyone loves disaster stories. So here is the story about how it very nearly all went wrong today on our journey from Ljubljana to Zagreb.

As with all these stories, it all started off rather well. The rain of yesterday had cleared and we woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. A wander around the market and we had some delicious plums to eat on our journey.

The Plan

The countryside views from the bus were simply stunning and even the boarder crossing into Croatia went smoothly. As we approached Zagreb, a plan had been agreed. First it was a trip to the loo, then local money, tram tickets. Four stops, a short walk and we would be there.

It sounded simple until we noticed that you needed local currency to get anywhere near the loo. As we were heading back to solve the first problem, we noticed that we only had one backpack and not two. Now, I am a married man and I would like to stay that way. So all I will say is between us we had managed to leave the other one on the bus and the bus was no longer there!

I was pretty sure (but not certain) that the bus had terminated in Zagreb. I started to search the entire bus station. In the end, I found the bus parked up on the far side, all locked and yes, the backpack was there! A very helpful man said to wait by the bus and he would find the keys and open it for me. Eventually the conductor came back and problem one was solved.

and the tram

Next, we bought the tram tickets. In Zagreb you buy tram tickets by the half hour and we were not sure when the clock started ticking. So Suzannah’s loo visit was postponed again and tolerance levels were dropping.

Five stops on the tram and it was the right name on the sign. It just was nothing like what I had seen on Google Maps. We asked another nice man who sent us 180 degrees in the wrong direction. We stopped one lady who could not speak English and tolerance levels were scraping rock bottom. Our third ask got us the right information and our Airbnb was only just around the corner.

I am not sure Suzannah heard any of the introduction that our hostess was trying to give us. She was to busy ripping the handle of the bathroom door.

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