Recommendations – we love them!

“That is our eldest son’s favourite restaurant.” they said

7th July 2018

Recommendations are always such fun. Sometimes you agree with them, sometimes you beg to differ but they always take you in a new direction.

Today we started on the planning phase of our Croatia trip in September. Our starting point was the itinerary that some friends had used last year. It really helped to get our thinking going. I am not sure how much of the eventual plan they would recognise but maybe the essence is still there and many of the places are their recommendations.

Our second recommendation of the day, was made by the home owners that we are sitting for. They were driving us around on an introductory tour of the area before they left.

“That is our eldest son’s favourite restaurant” they said.

We had to try it, and lunch today seemed a good opportunity. We climbed up four floors and around the corner. As we ate our food, it all made sense. If you are out of school for lunch and you want somewhere far away from adult supervision, it is almost perfect. For us, not quite so perfect.

But that is the fun of recommendations. They always take you to places that you would not normally find – and we love them.

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