Seven reasons we love housesitting

Our beautiful boys in Penang, Milo sitting next to me and Nutmeg on the floor wanting to sit next to me!

1.We love animals

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a dog, or a cat or often both. And this for me is the hardest part of travelling, not having a pet. So discovering housesitting was like manna from heaven for me. This way I get to love and look after all sorts of gorgeous animals as we enjoy our travels.


2. The Sweet taste of our own cooking

Some of my other housesitting friends are shocked by this one being so important to us. But after months of eating restaurant food the attraction soon wears off! After five months of Asian breakfasts we could not wait to go back to our favourite fruit, yogurt and muesli for breakfast!


3. Staying in a comfortable home

We have stayed in some beautiful hotels but there is nothing like a proper home, not a hotel or a holiday cottage. Whilst I love having space and my own washing machine, James, as the main cook, loves that there are decent sharp knives in the kitchen drawers!

Yes, housesitting does help save the pennies! or rather the Ringgits here in Malaysia.

4. Saving Money!

I would be lying if I said this didn’t feature as one of our main points for housesitting. Accommodation is the biggest cost we have whilst travelling, followed closely by eating out so take those two out of the equation and the balance of payments looks up and more flights can be bought!

Milo inspecting our unpacked suitcases!

5.Unpacking that suitcase!

This is a biggie for me, not so much for James! But being able to unpack, to line my toiletries along the shelf in the bathroom, to be able to take all the knick-knacks I have bought out of my shoes is utter bliss. Okay it is a girl thing!

Living like a Penang local and loving it!

6.Living like a local

Shopping in the local markets, getting to know the local dog walkers/cafe/pub crowd, getting used to the daily routine of our new town. We love all this, that feeling of belonging if only for a short time is something we really enjoy.

7. Having time

Many housesitters do some sort of online work whilst they are housesitting. We don’t, but what we do like is having time for ourselves and our little projects. James makes up fabulous photo books of our travels and this requires time and good internet. And me, well when I am not entertaining my 4-pawed charges I love to read and exercise. To sit in the air con and read my Kindle after a good workout is one of my favourite things!

Tips for housesitting

Our favourite sites for housesits are TrustedHousesitters and Mindahome. TrustedHousesitters are world wide and we have secured Australian, Malaysian and European sits through them. Mindahome has both an Australian branch and a UK branch, so far we have only used them for sits in Australia. There are joining fees for both, but as members we can offer you a 20% discount for Trustedhousesitters by using this link when joining.

There are many other sites for housesitting out there but these are our favourite!

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