SkyCab Langkawi – I did it!

SkyCab Langkawi
Preparing to walk over the wonderfully terrifying SkyBridge

I am not particularly good with heights. Which is surprising really as I managed climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge without incident. But somethings just set me off, cable cars and high bridges topping the list. So you can imagine James’ apprehension when I said I wanted to go on the SkyCab Langkawi and SkyBridge when we were visiting the beautiful Malaysian island. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up and do it. But did I enjoy it? Read on…

SkyCab Langkawi
We are on our way! Heading up to Middle Station from Base Station.

A little bit of background for you, the idea for the SkyCab Langkawi (cable car) was first suggested in 1999 by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad. Construction began in 2001, a joint venture between a local company and the Austrian company of Doppelmayr. I have to say reading this in the queue waiting to board reassured me, because the Austrians know a thing or two about cable cars!

SkyCab Langkawi
The incredible view from Middle Station looking over the islands of Langkawi.

The first leg of our journey from Base Station to Middle Station is the biggest leg, a distance of 1,700m. And right from the start, my fears are forgotten as we soar above the tree tops. The unfolding view of the nearby islands of Langkawi as we climb is stunning. I watch as the waterfall comes into view, then disappears as we rise above it. The landscape below us is lush and green and I can’t wipe the smile off my face!

SkyCab Langkawi
From Middle Station to Top Station looking over to the SkyBridge.

We get off at Middle Station, 650m above sea level, take a few photos, and then on to our final stop at 708m above sea level, Top Station. Yes, the names are imaginative! On this leg of the journey the views are all about the spectacular, SkyBridge.

SkyCab Langkawi
Trying to do justice to the beauty of SkyBridge. What a feat of engineering!

I thought building the SkyCab was impressive but the construction of this magnificent bridge blew me away. Much of the bridge was prefabricated and was lifted into place by helicopters (yes, helicopters!). The bridge was started in 2003 and was opened 2005. In 2012 the bridge was closed for an upgrade and strengthening and the inclusion of glass panels in the walkway. The bridge was reopened in 2015. I have to say from a distance it is a thing of beauty but walking across it terrifies me, and I am glued to the rail, not that it stopped me mind! The views are incredible and of course James has to stand on one of the glass panels!

SkyCab Langkawi
He just had to try out one of those glass panels on SkyBridge (I was quietly checking our insurance policy!)
SkyCab Langkawi
The view from Top Station looking down onto SkyBridge and the island of Langkawi in the background.

From the Top Station the views are 360 degrees over Langkawi and the surrounding islands. And yes to over use superlatives once again the view is amazing. To say I am proud of myself  for reining in my fear of heights to ride on the SkyCab Langkawi and walk over the SkyBridge is an understatement. And of course saving James from huge embarrassment is always welcome.  My motto for the day was “feel the fear and do it anyhow!”


Tips for visiting SkyCab Langkawi

SkyCab is located in a sort of theme park called Oriental Village which is a 30 minute drive from Kuah town (or 15 mins from the airport). There is a quaint boutique hotel called the Geopark Hotel in the complex and we stayed there. Spacious clean rooms and very well priced!

Go early! I thought we were doing well not queuing for the tickets but the queue upstairs to get on the cable car was huge.

The tickets are sold as a bundle including the other attractions. The other attractions on our ticket were the SkyRex which is a very well done virtual reality trip to a Jurassic Park style island and the brilliant 3D Art Gallery which was a fun, fabulous must do!

SkyCab Langkawi
And here he is at the amazing 3D Art Gallery within the Oriental Village (included on our SkyCab ticket!)

To go on the SkyBridge you have to buy a separate ticket at Top Station. There is a little tram ride down to it called SkyGlide which is included in the ticket.

We had our water bottle taken from us at Base Station, no idea why, other than to buy water up the top of the mountain is three times as expensive. So keep your water bottles out of sight when boarding the SkyCab!

There is a cafe, some shops and a delicious chocolate stall up at Top Station, along with loos. Or you can wait till you come down and choose from the numerous eateries in the Oriental Village.


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  1. Sue April 3, 2018 at 10:18 pm #

    A great reminder of our visit to the skycab and sky bridge last year. Wherever we go we look out for a cable car or whatever device to get us to the top of a mountain or building. I’m not fussed on the heights either, and like you I just suck it up and get on with it. Nice post.

    • Suzannah April 4, 2018 at 10:16 am #

      Thanks Sue, nice to know I have a kindred spirit out there!

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