Sobra – just enough and not too much!

watching yachts in Sobra
Watching the yachts is very strenuous in Sobra

“You can visit the National Park. You can hire a car. You can explore a cave……”

As we disembarked from our ferry at Sobra, our lovely airbnb hostess was very keen to make sure that we had plenty to do while we were on the island of Mljet. She was slightly perplexed as we tried to explain that our plan was to do not very much at all.

Sobra is one of those places that has a wonderful balance. There is just enough (a shop and a couple of restaurants.) But not too much (no souvenir shops, no tour touts, no cruise boats.) For a sleepy little village, it has a surprisingly good ferry schedule from Dubrovnik and Split as well as a car ferry that connects to Prapranto on the mainland. The local bus system, however is more or less non existent. So, taxies or car hire can make getting around on the island a bit more expensive.


This is a place to slow down and see how our “Pomalo” training has progressed over the last few weeks. It seems that we are getting much better at just watching the ferries come in and out. Enjoying the yachts fiddling around. Even getting a little energetic and having the occasional swim or a walk. We were delighted that we did not have to play our “make the waiter smile game”. Not only does everyone smile here but our waitress comes from Mostar!

a local Sobra boat.
I want a boat like this!

So, friendly people, just the right balance between not enough and too much, views to just sit and watch and good ferry connections, make Sobra special. And if you feel like more action, the locals will point you in the right direction.

Yes we loved Sobra.

All recharged, today we we head to Milna.