Sometimes it is the small things that matter.

The one and only teaspoon.

When you travel for months on end with just a suitcase, and the ever generous airlines give you just 20kg luggage allowance, small things become surprisingly important.

Back in January I was watching Suzannah pack her bag. She carefully strapped a teaspoon to the outside of a bottle. “Really ?” I said “you are taking a teaspoon?”  I said.

Many months later we are in Penang. The homeowners only moved into the house about a week before we arrived. In fact we have now lived in their house longer than they have. Yes, you guessed it. Not one teaspoon survived their move here. So now she is the proud owner of the one and only teaspoon in the house and as a loyal husband, I have to admit that, yes she was right.

So next time you pack, think about the small things. And if you are going to Alaska, think about a corkscrew. They still have corks in wine bottles over there. She was right about that one too!

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