Round One of our Sunday Lunch Off.

Sunday Lunch off at the Red Lion
Round one of our “Sunday Lunch Off” at The Red Lion.

There is something special about Sunday Lunch. Ever since I was a little boy, it was the most important meal of the week. It was the time that we got together as a family. The theatre of the carving and the lining up for your share of “Red Gravy” (the juices at the bottom of the carving dish) were all part of it. Strangely, it seems to work better in England than anywhere else. So today we decided that it was time for a decent Sunday Lunch.

About an hour’s walk across the fields is the little village of Yardley Hastings. The plan was to combine a delicious lunch with a good walk. But there was a problem!

Yardley Hastings has two pubs!

Sunday lunch off

The only answer, was to have a “Sunday Lunch off”. With three Sundays here, we will just have to try them both and then revisit the winner on the third Sunday. Oh, it is a hard life!

Today, we were blessed with a fine sunny day as we set off across the fields. Our target, The Red Lion, was first up. In fact this is where we celebrated Suzannah’s birthday earlier in the week and it felt good to be greeted as if we had been going there for years.

Roast Beef at the red lion
Roast Beef!

The roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings was fantastic. Suzannah was only slightly disappointed that she could not indulge her full Sunday Lunch fantasy with a spotted dick or a jam roly-poly. Having said that, the walk home was rather slower and involved a few more “I’m tired”s than the walk there. So perhaps it was just as well that the menu did not stretch to traditional puddings.

As for the “Sunday lunch-off”, all I can say is that  The Rose & Crown is going to have to be pretty amazing next Sunday. I see that they both got a 4.5 rating from Google, so who knows?

Walking back from round one of our Sunday lunch off.
The walk back was a bit slower and did involve a few “I’m tired’s.