Suzannah’s Montenegro James Bond Fantasy

The road to Montenegro.
Amazing mountain views and narrow, winding roads on the way to Montenegro.

We were sad to leave Mostar. The friendliness of everyone we met there was amazing. But it was time to fulfil one of Suzannah’s fantasies. Montenegro has always been associated with James Bond in her mind and she just wanted to see it.

Our day started with the sat nav deciding, that as we were no longer in Croatia, she was not going to work. So with some offline maps, we set off and got completely lost. As we strayed back over the Croatian border, the sat nav came back to life and showed us how far we had strayed. If the border guards noticed that we had crossed the border twice in 30 minutes, they were too polite to say so.

We then had a couple of hours of narrow winding roads through spectacular mountain scenery.

My secret weapon

Like James Bond, I have my very own secret weapon to cope with these narrow roads. It is called Suzannah’s knee. If I go too close to the edge of the road, the knee jerks upwards and if I get really close to an immovable object, the knee jerk is accompanied by a short whimper. All the high tech proximity sensors have nothing on Suzannah’s knee.

A couple of hours later, we crossed the Montenegro border and it is almost disappointing that the roads actually improve. So I stop to see if I can persuade Suzannah to express her inner James Bond. As you can see from this photo she seemed to have real problems getting into character.

Our first stop in Montenegro.
Suzannah was having trouble getting into character as we arrived in Montenegro.

Our James Bond moment

We need not have worried, because as we snaked our way down the mountain towards Kotor, we had our James Bond moment. Out of nowhere I had a black Mini tailgating me so close, he was almost in the back seat. His James Bond Complex was obviously much stronger than mine because his next move was to overtake into the path of an oncoming car. And in true JB style, we all lived to tell the tail!

I am just not sure that that is exactly how Suzannah was expecting her Montenegro James Bond fantasy to play out. The knee and the wimper were at full volume.

Kotor is dwarfed by the mountains.
From across the water, Kotor is dwarfed by the mountains
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