The Blue Mountains are calling us!

The Blue Mountains
On the walk to Wentworth Falls, feeling the serenity!

Anyone who knows us, will readily tell you we are not big city people. So after a few days of vivacious, vibrant Sydney and climbing a certain bridge we are ready to hit the road. The Blue Mountains are calling us, loudly!

The Blue Mountains are just over an hours drive from Sydney, Australia’s largest city.  Their sandstone tableland is spread across eight adjacent conservation reserves. They constitute one of the largest and most intact tracts of protected bushland in Australia. The 1,032,649-hectare (2,551,730-acre) area was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2000. Impressive hey? and they are!

The Blue Mountains
A Blackheath vista

You are spoilt for choice with pretty townships in the area. Katoomba, my favourite, is perhaps best known as home to the famous Three Sisters rock formation. Then there is the beautiful exclusive Leura. You want to keep a firm hold on your credit cards here because the pretty main street shops turn even James into a shopper!

The Blue Mountains
The stunning Three Sisters, Katoomba

Blackheath is another of my favourites, for the stunning views and for the Rhododendron gardens. As a Queenslander, I suppose I adore what I can’t grow and Rhodies are top of that list! We are also rather fond of a good waterfall, so a hike to the falls of Wentworth Falls is a must-do.

The Blue Mountains
The Campbell Rhododendron Gardens in Blackheath
The Blue Mountains
Happy wanderers at Wentworth Falls

Walkers are well catered for in the Blue Mountains, with a delicious smorgasbord of trails to choose from. Long and short, hard and easy, they are all there. Buy a book, map or just follow the signs for shorter walks. Taking a few good walks alleviates the guilt when I talk about my next favourite topic. The food. OMG! from cute little tea shops to silver service restaurants the mountains have them in spades. Oh yes and my personal favourite, a fantastic late birthday present, a superb High Tea at the recently renovated Hydro Majestic.

Yup, we love the Blue Mountains and as they say in the classics, we’ll be back!

The Blue Mountains
Enjoying my birthday present High Tea at the Hydro Majestic

My Tips for the Blue Mountains

Walking really is the thing to do in the mountains, so pack your boots and water bottles. Also do stop in at a Ranger’s station for longer walks to check they are open.

In the mountains it is much colder than Sydney so make sure to pack your fleece!

Yes, it’s expensive, but do treat yourself to High Tea at the Hydro Majestic. And when you are in Katoomba, for some old world charm go and have a drink in the bar at the beautiful historic Carrington Hotel.

I’ll share with you a local gem, if you love Thai food, do yourself a favour and seek out the Basil Nut in a little arcade in Katoomba. In a word, mouthwatering!

Accommodation wise, we are lucky enough to have some great mates to stay with, but there is a plethora of B&Bs, motels and hotels to choose from in the Blue Mountains.