The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm
Clearly none of us knew this photo was being taken!!

First came the decision to radically change our lives, to sell up and travel. Then we had the reaction to our dream. These were mostly of the “go for it variety”, but a few pals think we have utterly lost what meagre marbles we possess, but hey we are used to that!

Now we are into the serious business of unpicking our lives. The first thread to be unfurled is the sale of our beloved property. Straightforward you may think, but not when it is a rural property, historic homestead and a separate B&B building all wrapped into one exquisite package. Yes, I am rather fond of the old place, but she has to go!

Our estate agent Murray Benton of Century 21 is going in with all guns blazing this weekend. Amongst other things this includes an extensive marketing campaign of professional photos and video. We had used the same photographer before for our professional B&B shots so we knew what to expect there. Saying that I still objected to having to remove ALL my fridge magnets for the kitchen shot!

The video was something else, I could not believe how much kit Luke had for the job. When we were filmed for Queensland Weekender years ago it wasn’t nearly that high tech. James and I hid in the office to keep out of the way as the magic was worked this week. We are yet to see the finished product but we are expecting great things (no pressure Luke!).

The charming photo I have chosen to share with you is of us all being wired for sound for our interview. After this, the boys were all set to send up the drone for the aerials, but wouldn’t you know it the gods of weather chose that moment to bring on the rain! Having spend months longing for rain, we are now praying for just one day of blue sky to finish the job.

So when you read the drought has broken in the Gympie region, it is all down to the Arkle’s house sale!



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