The first two months of our nomadic adventure

Our hero salesman Murray from Century 21 came to bid us farewell.

On 15th September 2017 we completed on our property sale and started our nomadic adventure. And what a lot of ground we have covered since then. Both mentally and physically. I honestly didn’t know how I was going to go, not having the security of a home to return to. So far so good, I am relishing the freedom, lack of worry and my new peripatetic life.

This is the way to spend a birthday!

We are starting our journey in Australia, seeing a bit more of our backyard. The highlights so far have been many. Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge on my 55th Birthday was the biggie. Next was spending some really good time with old school pals I haven’t had more than the odd dinner with in 37 years. Enjoying some fantastic, and some punishing, walks in the Blue Mountains and the Dandenong Ranges, and overdosing on glorious southern Australian spring gardens.

Yours truly on the punishing Channel 10 track in the Dandenong Ranges.
The stunning gardens of The Convent in Daylesford, Victoria

Smaller personal triumphs have been mastering cooking in other people’s kitchens. Especially I might add where microwaves are concerned. Yup, we are low tech bunnies, James and I. Our home cooking is the biggest thing we miss when travelling. On the flight home from Alaska we had composed not only a menu, but a shopping list for our first meal. What’s that? sad, yes sir we put our hands up to that! But we all miss something when we travel and lack of home cooking is our Achilles heel.

Next on our priorities list was finding our feet as house sitters. We had always thought it sounded a good way to travel. And four sits in we are loving it. Learning the quirks of the different animals (and houses!), James has even grown into quite a cat lover. I have mastered fighting fish, gold fish, hermit crabs and I am just hanging out for the pygmy bearded dragons on a New Year sit! And don’t start me on the adorable dogs I have met along the way.

Our dear little mate Annie in Coomera Waters playing tug
James with Rollo and Ginny in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens

Then of course there is the five-letter-word money. We have not won the lottery (but I keep trying), so we have to budget. Our financial planner reckons the amount we have ear-marked to travel will last us a year. We reckon it will be more like two or three.  So the challenge is on to prove Laurence wrong!


We plan to wind our way slowly back to Queensland in the New Year. Visit our storage unit and drop off some bits, sell our faithful old RAV4 and then head overseas. Well that is the mud map but it could change. That is the beauty of this new life.

I used to be very good at skimming stones on Greek beaches after a few Retsinas….can’t do it sober in Oz!
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  1. Michele November 27, 2017 at 10:42 am #

    What a great adventure you are on, I truly admire you being able to sell everything. We kept our house to come back to and sometimes I wonder if that safety net held us back in some ways. Look forward to following more of your adventures.

    • Suzannah November 27, 2017 at 4:12 pm #

      Thanks Michele! Reading comments like yours really gives us a lift. It was like launching ourselves into the great unknown but we are working on the theory it is only the things you don’t try in life that your truly regret.

  2. Kim Chirnside January 7, 2018 at 4:12 pm #

    If it wasn’t for our folks…Ed and I would jump at a similar opportunity for house/pet minding. I’ve done two Peregian Beach housesits (multiple) with dogs…so know the drill. Sits, which luckily have fallen in-between hospital visits, or problems with parents!
    Not always easy, especially with older animals, but when you truly LOVE animals as we both do, as you and James do, and you can get a good, solid, reputation…..that is GOLD for people needing a holiday, knowing their precious pets will be getting the BEST care, love and attention. So I love what you and James are doing and giving…….For me, it has been an extension of the “caring” role admittedly (with my folks) but there is also something very special when you bond with people’s pets….and they seem to KNOW you care for and love them….and that is so returned. I too send photos and updates…..and often wish there was another “me” or “us” out there who could help when I/we need time out!!!! So thanks for the contacts….which I will definitely follow up for when I can get away again. I still have my beautiful, but now elderly, “walk in” cat whom I love! And as a plant person….I would need someone who knows and loves and can care for plants as I do! Not an easy task for many. I think I am an exceptional choice for such a “caring role”……..perhaps it should be a PAID role…..but, the exchange of “experience” and lifestyle perhaps makes up for it?!! Love to hear your thoughts.

    • Suzannah January 7, 2018 at 5:33 pm #

      Hi Kim, There are paid house-sits out there especially on the local scene, but for us travelling we just love having a ready made fur-family, and a comfortable home with a good kitchen for James to cook in! We also look after gardens, usually just watering, which needs it this weather! Let me know when you want to look into THS and I will send you a link so you can get a discount on joining.

  3. Lyn and David January 29, 2018 at 3:45 pm #

    Hi Suzannah and James
    It was lovely to meet you last weekend and we are enjoying reading your blogs. Here’s the link to our web site as promised Enjoy your travels.
    Lyn and David

    • Suzannah January 29, 2018 at 6:01 pm #

      Hi Lyn and David, Yes wasn’t it a fun evening on Saturday? Thanks for the link to your blog, now we can follow each other’s travels!


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