The Reaction

Making the decision to radically change our lives was one thing, verbalising it was quite another. Up until that point we could have backed out and not lost credibility. But thanks to the wonderful world of social media once we had put the story out there, we didn’t have to wait long for the reactions to flow or rather deluge in.

Let me share a snippet or two with you….

Noooooo!!! ☹️ But “yes” good for you!! I am looking forward to becoming an intrepid traveller through you!! Lynne

Go for it! Can’t wait to share your journeys through your writings. Sensational! Sandy

I’m thinking that involved a lot of soul searching over a few vino’ s – you made the decision together, you’ll travel the next part of the road together and it will be wonderful to follow your adventures!! Xx Kerry

Can I come too? Amanda

I think that’s called ” living the dream” Suzannah. Good luck and safe travels. Eileen

So thank you everyone that sent us a message via my blog or Facebook or email. You are stoking the fire of our dream with your kind encouraging words.

Some people we told the good old fashioned way, such as my 96 year old Mother. Granted she was told way before anyone else, because her support was paramount. I must admit I was nervous about this, but before I had even finished outlining the plan she leapt right in.

“Just like Dad and I did!” Her face lit up with a smile and she launched into telling James how when Dad retired they had done the same thing. They sold the family home in Brisbane, stored their favourite bits and they took off to the UK for a year of “living like gypsies!”. My father had been a spitfire pilot in WWII and wanted to revisit his old airfields in England. Mum had always wanted to go to the Hebrides, so they went to both the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Both of them liked a whisky or two, so they did the Whisky trail in Scotland. You get the picture, I am the product of a couple of travel nuts!

Just as James and I thought we were home clear, she narrowed her eyes. We held our breath.

“You have to promise me,” James started nodding before she had even asked the question.

“Yes, Edith?”

“You both have to be home for my 100th Birthday when I am going tandem skydiving!”

N.B. She is deadly serious about the skydiving bit!