The Sale

The Sale

Six months ago when we made the decision to sell our home and business to travel, we had very fixed ideas. Very fixed ideas on who was going to sell it and who was going to buy it. Were we right? read on and find out!

Fixed Idea A.

Our first assumption was that a local real estate agent wasn’t going to sell our B&B, it had to be done by a specialist B&B sales company. We found a couple of these with the help of our mate google. Neither covered themselves in glory though, the first we found to be a one-person operation and we couldn’t contact them! The second was very much a do-it-yourself affair, great website but that was all.

First fixed idea melting like an ice block in the Queensland summer. So we decided to try a local agent. But which one? Gympie has a plethora of great agents, but none we really knew. Then we remembered Murray.

We had first met Murray years ago, he was our favourite waiter in Gympie’s one and only posh restaurant. Having always enjoyed a laugh and joke with him, we were sad when he moved on. Whenever we saw him around town, we’d all smile and say hi. Then one day we met him in the street wearing the distinct Century 21 black polo shirt. I clearly remember James turning to me as we walked away saying “he is going to do well in Real Estate with his personality”. So it was Murray we called, and Murray who sold our B&B.

Fixed Idea B.

Our second assumption was that our buyer would come from either the Coast or Brisbane. Thus we channeled our advertising $ in that direction with a premier web listing, the most fantastic video (still makes me well up Luke Soames!) rather than the local market. Murray ran a Facebook campaign targeting the areas where we though our buyer was lurking. We emailed our past guests and put it on our private Facebook pages. All with limited success.

We had never liked the idea of splashing all over our website or business Facebook page “This business is For Sale”. Always thought it was tacky, but then one day we thought bugger it, lets do it! Within 48 hours we had a call from a local business owner we knew, who was a Lagoon Pocket Facebook friend. They weren’t actively looking for a B&B but had always liked the idea of running one.

So there you have it. Several months, a few shenanigans from banks, solicitors and accountants later we sold our B&B. Sold it to locals, who live less than 2 kms away as the kookaburra flies with the help of a local Real Estate Agent and good old Facebook.

But best of all, we found some buyers who’ll love the property and will do a fantastic job of running the B&B. And that, at the end of the day, is all we care about.

So were our fixed ideas wrong, hell yeah! do we care, not a bit!



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3 Responses to The Sale

  1. Melissa @ All Around Oz August 13, 2017 at 5:03 pm #

    Well done! Must be an awesome feeling to have sold but also a little sad I would imagine!

    • Suzannah August 13, 2017 at 5:47 pm #

      Spot on Melissa bittersweet! but the new owners are fab, they are so excited and have some great ideas. We are busy packing up and planning a bit of a road trip round Oz to start our traveling/housesitting adventures!

  2. Normand November 17, 2017 at 1:44 pm #

    I love your writing style really enjoying this interrnet site.

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