This little beauty stole my heart!

Me with my new love!

One of the unexpected bonuses of housesitting is testing driving other people’s home appliances. In less than a year we have become au fait with a variety of ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, washing machines and the bane of James life coffee machines. And let us not forget the entire minefield of all things television; Foxtel, Netflicks and Satellite!

I would like to proudly say we have mastered the lot, but I would be telling a big fat fib. Microwaves are still a kitchen item we eye with trepidation, despite an old school pal patiently trying to teach us. There is a certain very beautiful oven/grill/microwave comb in Penang that totally defeated us (thank God eating out was cheap and we really like cooking pasta). And there are also several coffee machines around Australia that almost made my grown man cry! On the plus side we have conquered Netflicks and Satellite. In Penang once we found BCC Video on Demand on a satellite channel we were happy bunnies. I might add here that the homeowner and his son were more than a tad distraught, they had expected James at least to be glued to the World Cup!

When we arrived at our latest sit in Australia, I was puzzled why the homeowner was showing me where all the cleaning products were kept. After being totally spoilt with a cleaner in Penang for four weeks, it took me a while to cotton on. We were going to have to clean again! But there is an upside. I found my all time favourite device here. I have always loved with a passion my Dyson upright vacuum, but this little beauty in the picture totally stole my heart.

So tomorrow when we decamp, guess who will be happily vacuuming the floors? any thoughts?

And no, Dyson are not paying us for this post.


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