Ticking the boxes

The lock up

It is a turning out to be a couple of weeks of ticking boxes here in Gympie before we head off again. Our renewed driving licences arrived in the post today. Tick. I had my hair cut and Suzannah is there on Wednesday. Tick. Catching up with friends. Tick, tick, tick.

We have also been sorting a few thing out at our “lock up”. Let me explain. When I was a kid and I watched cop shows on TV, the rather dodgy characters always had a “lock up” where they kept their ill gotten gains. I always rather fancied having a lock up and now we do. In fact it contains all the stuff we could not bring ourselves to sell, throw away, give away or generally get rid of. We are now being rather smug about our lock up because we did rather a good job stacking it up all those months ago. It has been incredibly easy to find the bits and pieces we need for the next part of our adventure. Tick

As wine was eye wateringly expensive in Asia, having a few glasses of wine while we are in Oz had become quite important. Today we visited our favourite bottle shop for supplies. I am not sure if we should be pleased or rather ashamed by the greeting.

“Hello, Where have you been?”

In fact we had not been there for 8 months! Is being that well known at the bottle shop verging on a problem?

Anyway, we have wine for tonight. Tick.


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