Train to Ljubljana with guns and sex shops

Waiting for the train to Ljubljana
Time to take the train to Ljubljana.

Today it was time to move on to a new town and a new country. A train to Ljubljana in Slovenia was our plan. After packing up our bohemian garret, we headed to the station. Unfortunately, we had misread our tickets and the wait was a bit longer than we had planned. So it was off to the cafe for us. As we were sitting and relaxing, Suzannah casually says to me;

” It looks like a gun under that man’s sweater.”

Yes, I had to look round and sure enough, that is exactly what it was. The more we watched, the more it became obvious that what we were watching was a team of three plain cloths police trying very hard to look casual whilst scanning the station.

It is always a shame to spoil a good story with the truth. So as we had time on our hands, we filled in our own details about spies, drugs, terrorists and general mayhem. Actually, nothing happened at all but it filled in the time very nicely!

rain on the train to Ljubljana
Our first rain for months

Once we were on the train, it started to rain. This may seem like a small detail but we have not seen rain for several months and we had almost forgotten how to cope with it. This was particularly true when we reached Ljubljana and we had a wet ten minute walk to our new Airbnb. Our hostess’ instructions were to look for a yellow sign and the door is right next to it.

Rather wet and with patience running a little low we see a yellow sign in the distance. There was one small detail that she had forgotten to tell us. The yellow sign is actually for the local sex shop!

In fact the location is fantastic and we can’t wait for the rain to ease off a bit so that we can go exploring!

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