Travel Insurance – my forte

Travel insurance
A very sad emotional me with my broken suitcase!

Travel Insurance or rather all insurances are my forte, according to James! Probably, very largely due to the fact that his eyes glaze over at the fine print. He can manage chats on the phone but when it comes to pages of conditions, he is not the man for the job!

I had initially thought, back in January, about a huge one year travel insurance policy, but that blew most companies minds. So I re-thought the matter, why include Europe and Car Hire Excess cover when we don’t need it?  The first leg in Asia, was all about ensuring travel in tuks tuks was covered. And the amount of companies that would not insure you unless you wore a helmet was scary. Scary because I had never really gone over the wording before with my fine tooth comb. And doubly scary because we have travelled in a lot of tuk tuks over the years!

This next leg is all about Europe and Car Hire Excess. I thought I had sorted it whilst I was sitting in Penang. But the next day I received a very polite email from the company, telling me very nicely, that though I am an Australian, leaving and returning to Australia they couldn’t insure me because I was presently in Malaysia. Well true, I was, couldn’t argue with that (should have turned on the VPN I can hear our website designer saying). So I was refunded my premium and told to try again once I got home.

So I’m back in Oz now and redoing the process whilst James enjoys playing on Facebook and reading his Weekend Australian newspaper. I do hate being an expert sometimes!


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